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Road Network Map of Thailand

Chiangmai City Map

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Chiang Mai is a province that most tourists in the northern province. Chiang Mai is a city hundreds of years old. Highlights of Chiang Mai on one point here is. Chiang Mai moat. Which is surrounded on all four sides of Chiang Mai city. The moat is controlled not to build buildings too high. House also has a Lanna. Beautiful clean comfortable and it’s here.

The people of Chiang Mai still retains the culture of language very well. When Tamatn to talk to him will linger grip city This is a sweet word Chuan Hu fine นิสัยใจคอ of people here love to help it look easy parking time we ask the good spirits will try to help some hard drive it has navigation. This is fascinating to invite tourists to visit Chiang Mai each lot. The immediate cold From late October to February

Chiang Mai town adjacent to Doi Suthep, the scenery beautiful in all seasons winter, cool early morning temperatures in The story comes ญ 15 degree day, about 25 degree afternoon may Noi, but not sticky in the rainy season as is. on Doi Suthep. The rain rather cool. The crop after rain, ozone from Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai city to sustain the city. Chiang Mai is quite hot in summer. But when the afternoon. Bangladesh is a shadow of Doi Suthep Chiang Mai. As if the evening more than usual. Represents the province’s tourist.

Chiang Mai, the foreign tourists visiting all year. And over here is to live long. Most women as men when it came already married to Thais. Works here on a business trip on the export or import foreign The Japanese, Chiang Mai has long lived on the lot.